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Dig Down in the Deep Delta

Dig Down in the Deep Delta

Sep 19, 2012

The world has come to know a very special place called the Mississippi Delta, a place that inspired the Blues, shapes southern cuisine, and is still intimately connected with the land. International travelers explore our backroads, and discover the true America that exists between Memphis and New Orleans. The America that shaped new types of music and influenced some of the worlds great writers. The Delta, flat as the eye can see, is rich, not just in its land, but in its stories, and in its people.

We have the richest soil in the world, and the deeper you go, the more fertile it is. Likewise, the further south you go in the Delta, the richer it gets. Our Delta holds a hidden gem, south of the names you might have heard, a place where lifelong friendships form in minutes. A place where the wealth of the outdoors is melded into everyday life. A place where you steer with one hand so you can wave with the other.

Welcome to the Deep Delta. The place where a president’s compassion inspired a childhood icon. A place where the hardships of an agricultural lifestyle inspired a true Blues Legend. A place where butterflies come in numbers unseen, and where ancient indian mounds rise high against our flat skyline. Ours is a life of working hard and relaxing harder. It is a life of Deep Friendships. Deep Experiences. Deep Memories.

We invite you come meet the Delta you didn’t know, explore the stories you’ve never heard, and feel the ever-present warmth of our Deep Delta.


  1. Todd Bonin /

    I live in the Delta … on the other side of the river in Louisiana. I have to agree with everything you wrote. It is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Thanks so much, Todd. The Delta is an amazing place, no matter what side.

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