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Downtowns, Meet Kickstarter

Downtowns, Meet Kickstarter

Oct 18, 2013

Leave it to the folks at Downtown Rochester, MI to do it again. After being hit with a budget cut to a major downtown holiday event, they went to Kickstarter to try to find the funding to fill the gap.
This is how to use technology to work for our communities!!! Read more here

From Kickstarter:

A Miracle on Fourth Street

Since 2006, The Big, Bright Light Show has been spreading holiday cheer. Using the historic downtown buildings as our canvas, we create a dazzling display of over 1.5 million twinkling lights.  Over the past eight years, the show has expanded to become the largest holiday light display in the Midwest, drawing over 1 million visitors each year and delighting people of all ages.

But, due to budget cuts, we are unable to light all the areas of the show this year.  And that’s why we’re here.  We’re trying to stage a “Miracle on Fourth Street”, so we can restore the lights that serve as the backdrop to our town lighting on Lagniappe and the Kris Kringle Market on the first weekend in December.  And, most importantly, we can help all those businesses on Fourth Street continue to spread holiday cheer!

Many of our businesses have stepped up to support this effort, by providing certificates for our various reward levels. From food to fine jewelry and everything in between, we hope you’ll see something that strikes your fancy.


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